About Me

Let me introduce myself: my name is Adriano Genisi.
I am an expert gemologist, a consultant, a jewellery goldsmith designer and an importer of pearls.
But the best definition that I am represents best of all is that of  to represent myself is “pearl addicted”: I am obsessed with pearls.

Why? Because I live in on pearls and for pearls: they are my passion and my job.

Each jewel enhances the beauty of the person who wears it, but of all, only the pearls are able to make a face shine even on  in the greyest day.

Now Let’s imagine that these pearls come from sustainable farms; imagine that they are very high quality and certified. Now  Then, imagine the expert hands of Vicenza goldsmiths as they enhance  enhancing them with gold and silver.


Here, you imagined  Now you are imagining the Genisi Pearls collection.

I created this line  collection for those like you, who want to shine without compromising on quality and sustainability. For those who, like you, love beautiful and exclusive things, but don’t follies for having  who wouldn’t do anything folly to have them. Because let’s face it tell the truth: we like big jewellery big, but  the price is great we prefer small we prefer small prices.

This is me and this is my job in a nutshell.

If you want to find out something more about the world of pearls, I think I have something interesting to tell you.

A man and his pearls

We all have a story that tells who we are better than many words. My it  story is intertwined with pearls. Where to should I start from? The best thing to do in these cases is to take a deep breath and start from the beginning.

It is useless to look frantically for the Great Love because when you do, it is impossible to find but when you stop to look for him  searching, it suddenly comes to meet you: so this is the way I met my love for pearls was born.

I have been dealing with pearls for many years: 30 to be precise.

I started in a big goldsmith jewellery company where I was one of the many buyers. I was painstaking, attentive and efficient. But Their passion is something different  another thing.

When I first started got to work with know pearls, I realized that it was not a job anymore more than one work, it was but a love. I stopped being satisfied with what I knew and I started searching looking and studying a study the places where the most beautiful pearls grew.

This research turned me into a traveller. Thanks to the pearls I have discovered Japan, the land of the delicate and bright Akoya pearls. I have sailed in the Seas of the South Seas looking for chasing the most precious pearls in gold, pink, silver and blue. I have got ‘m lost among the Polynesian atolls on my the journey to Tahiti, where pearls colours have the colour of reflections of the moon on the sea at night. I have crossed deeper China where the freshwater pearls are treasures rich in history and centuries-old traditions.

In the end, I have understood the secret of pearls: if beauty comes from exploitation, it is becomes deception. Even a beautiful pearl can lie if it comes from an one economically exploited community; it can also lie if the environment has been was to produce it damaged to produce it. Finally, you can also be fooled by a pearl can fool you too if you buy a jewel at a price too high a price compared to its real quality.

I also understood that you stop learning only when you stop looking. I have do not I never stopped, not even after I got my gemology diploma at the GIA, the American Gemological Institute. And I think at this point, not I will never stop  do it.

Each journey is a path of  transformation and every time I come I am back I am more aware and motivated to share my this new knowledge.

At the end of after so much travelling, I have I chosen the best goldsmith masters of my city, Vicenza, to give life to the collection Genisi Pearls collection.

It is their expert hands that create the those little jewellery joys that

they will adorn your face, your neck and your wrists.

A pearl, a thousand stories

If you want to follow accompany me in this world, you will discover that a pearl is a treasure concentrate of history and culture. I will tell you about the pearls preferred by the queens preferred of the gods  in the past times and how about the revolution of the cultivation method which has transformed a jewel for very few elected women in a desire within the reach of many.

You will find that the respect for environmental and social sustainability does not always entail higher prices.

I directly select the farmers growers and the individual pearls.

No intermediary between the producer and you means:

  • the certified quality of the pearls;
  • a considerably lower price compared to than  large goldsmiths the price of the big companies.

It also means that whatever pearl you are looking for, big large or tiny, white as the light or black as the night, I can find it to create the jewel you have with you always dreamed of. What does it mean? It means that Genisi Pearl jewels are customizable. This way they will thus be a little less Genisi, but  and much more yours.

For now, I think I have told you everything for now.

Write to me, call me or come to visit me in my showroom. We can meet get to know us, talk about pearls and about what you like your tastes. And between a cup of oolong thea and the memories of an old – so to speak – traveller, we can find exactly what you are looking for: for you or the person you want to make feel  special.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you I wait for you.


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