Classification of Pearls

The classification of pearls is of fundamental importance to anyone who wants and needs to understand the various aspects that characterize them and indicate the values.

There is no unique international version that can be applicable to all types of pearls.
In the case of pearls such as South Pacific pearls, sometimes there is a classification of type A-AAA or A-D system. Both the classification are considered valid.
What counts the most is the honesty and professionalism of the seller that must always make available to the consumer a practical basis that enables them to be able to clearly identify all parameters and decide with confidence and awareness what is the most suitable Pearl to their budget and taste .

Genisi helps you in your choice through the most commonly used international parameters used to separate the different categories ( Akoya , Fresh Water , South Pacific and Tahiti )

The classifications were studied considering the unique characteristics of each category .
It is therefore necessary to refer to the relevant category if you wish to have a relevant reference.


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