Rare Pearls

Pinctada radiata pearls

Many oyster are havested exclusively for the precious treasure they bear inside themselves and the Pinctada radiata ones are an active part of this group

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Kasumi-ga-Ura pearls

Since always Japan has been known and renowned for its great history and traditions, deeply rooted in its population: the pearl cultivation is no exception

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Cassis pearls

As well known in this field not only the classic natural gems covered in precious mother-of-pearl fall under the description of “pearl“, but also all

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Pinna pearls

The Pinna seashells are really famous for being the “silkworms” of the sea thanks to their particular ability to produce byssus, a totally natural textile

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Oyster pearls

When we talk about Oyster pearls we normally refer to the cultivated ones, but it’s still possible to find some, even if rarely, in nature

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Clam pearls

Usually pearls are produced – or cultivated – from mussels and oysters, which can give birth to the most known and appreciated types of pearls

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Feather pearls

A pearl, to be appreciated, doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly round or white: Feather pearls are really loved mainly for their irregular shape with

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Scallop pearls

There are many types of mussels which produce as many varieties of pearls, each one different from the others. The Scallop ones are produced by

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