Feather pearls

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A pearl, to be appreciated, doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly round or white: Feather pearls are really loved mainly for their irregular shape with reminds of a delicate feather with perlescent shades.

This particular fresh water pearl comes to life from the Margaritifera Margheritifera, which can be mainly found in the Mississipi river; its particular shape is due to the position the pearl take inside the mussel, which moulds every layer of mother-of-pearl through the time.

This type of pearl is very rare and it’s almost impossible to find in the traditional cultivation; the creation process is still unknown, for this reason its finding is once more left to the casuality which can however produce pearls of exceptional beauty, very appreciate by fans for its fascinating irregularities.

Feather pearls can have different shapes, usually stretched out and similar to a feather thanks to their slight arching, and decorated with longitudinal and perlescent strickings along with smaller segmentations which remind of citrus fruits, creating the typical feathery texture which characterizes this type of pearl.

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