Genisi Pearls on TV

Genisi Pearls on TV

Unexpected surprises are the most beautiful!


One can’t conceal one’s delight at the invitation received a few weeks ago from the much-followed program Unomattina broadcast every morning on Italian national TV RAI Uno.


Happiness and pride to have been invited in the capacity of an “expert on pearls, due also to my presence in Europe with the only constantly updated blog that talks about the world of this fascinating gem.


A few days to organize the transfer and here I am in the famous studios of Saxa Rubra to prepare the set for my contribution.


2014-02-04 15.28.00
from the backstage of Unomattina


2014-02-04 15.28.07
from the backstage of Unomattina


2014-02-04 15.28.54
from the backstage of Unomattina


There is a little of  “live television” anxiety also because although I am accustomed to years of speaking in front of so many people this would be a bit of unique opportunity…in addition to guests in the studio, there would be invisible viewers!


In the end, everything went very well and I felt comfortable in front of the television cameras, also the program production was complimented and this made me even happier.


from the backstage of Unomattina


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