Pearl buying tips


Purchase from a retailer that specializes in pearls. Many jewelers are misinformed or simply ignorant when it comes to cultured pearls, many don’t understand the product they are selling.
It happens too often that they have little knowledge of the diverse world of pearls.
Choose an online retailer or even a traditional store but basically buy your pearls from companies that can certify your gems.

Don’t get hung up on brand names; Tiffany’s and Mikimoto both are known for high quality goods, but by no means do they have a monopoly on high quality pearls. Doing a good research and following the directions provided, you will Save a lot of money and have equally stunning pearls

A simple method to check if a pearl is real or imitation is the “Tooth Test”. Gently slide the pearl across the front of your teeth.If it feels smooth then it’s a fake, as real pearls feel gritty. This feeling is so-called “pebbles” effect.


Throughout history, pearl gifts have been considered as a symbol of love and that is why the tradition has identified them as the jewel of brides. No other gem manages to convey emotions and meaning of uniqueness as Pearl.

With an infinite variety of styles and choices of jewellry,it is always “the perfect gift” whether it is an important occasion or easier moments.

“In fact, in addition to weddings, there are many other events that allow you to contemplate a jewel with pearls. Anniversaries, mother’s day, christenings, communions, baptisms, Valentine’s day, graduations, promotions, birthdays and why not in June, the month that celebrates the Pearl on the special calendar.”.

There is a wide range, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and tie clip. Today all this is furthermore accessible across all age groups and gender.

Genisi will take care to satisfy the needs of anyone.

Classic jewellery with Akoya, South Pacific, Tahiti and Fresh Water pearls assembled in gold, silver and diamonds.  Designed without distinction for all women , who approach the world of pearls for the first time or who loves pearls profoundly. Basically timeless jewelry

Classic contemporary style jewelry. Lines that evoke the classics revisited in a fresh and light mood. Fresh Water pearls combined with silver and natural crystals make them accessible and help them to wear.

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