Oyster pearls

Oyster pearls

When we talk about Oyster pearls we normally refer to the cultivated ones, but it’s still possible to find some, even if rarely, in nature inside the oysters which spontaneously grow on the west coasts of United States and Mexico.

Before the pearl cultivation started every single pearl came from natural findings and, because of excessive and immoderate harvests, these beautiful natural gems have time after time risked the extintion.

It is said that it takes milions of oysters to create a single strand of these magnificent pearls, for this reason – even if it’s not about milions – these pearls have all along been appreciated and sought, so much to push the finest experts and collectionists to travel the world and have some, moving a big slice of market with exorbitant profits and quotations.

There are still other oyster beds with a long tradition of fruitful findings, like the Persian Gulf, the Mannar Gulf and Red Sea, which have – and still doing it – dominated the pearl market throught the history; with the discovery of America by Colombo a new area of production was found too, triggering a true run to exploration of the Pacific coasts to find gold, silver and pearls.

Despite the past centuries Oyster pearls are still considered a very precious treasure, thanks to the multiple colors shades a single pearl can have on its surface too, judged for their rarity and beauty worth nobility.

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