Money Back Guarantee


Genisi wants to guarantee you the best choice and therefore offers you the 30 days guarantee of “Money Back Guarantee”: if you are not happy with your purchase, you will be able to trade your jewelry for an exchange, like a voucher of equal value that will allow you to purchase at a later time and even for a possible total compensation.

This guarantee can be obtained provided that the jewel has been worn only for the purpose of trying it on and not beyond it. If visible signs of alteration are present, the exchange or compensation cannot be considered.


  • RETURN TO EXCHANGE: when it is required to replace the purchased jewel with another present in the store.
  • RETURNED AS WELL AS VALUE: when a voucher of equal value is required that will allow you to buy the jewel you want at a later time.
  • FINAL RETURN: if you are not happy with your choice and ask to be 100% compensated.

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