Hook earrings with drop Tahiti pearls and diamonds


Hook earrings with drop Tahiti pearls and diamonds, assembled on a 14-carat gold mount. Classic, daily and always elegant.

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Hook earrings with diamonds and drop Tahiti pearls

Pearls cultivated with a natural technique and mounted on 14-carat gold hooks and brilliant cut diamonds.
Design and manufacturing are totally Italian.

Why and for whom
Round Tahiti pearl earrings are the dream of those who love the undisputed charm of the unique colors of these Polynesian gems.
The rarity of the spherical shape together with the choice of matching colors makes them even more unique and special.
The pearls of Tahiti are known for the various colors that characterize them.
Gray in light or dark shades is one of the most common, while Black is just one of many colors ranging from yellow to blue and even to pistachio.
The many surface nuances which characterize them make each one unique.
Round Tahiti pearl earrings satisfy the desire for special pearls while maintaining an affordable cost.

The jewel is packaged in an elegant box with a gemological certificate and a guarantee.

Experience the pleasure of a pair of earrings with a fascinating and magnetic color like that of Tahitian pearls.
Uniqueness combined with style.


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