Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and Spinel beads


Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and spinels, assembled on a 925 ‰ silver hook. Elegance and sober style. Gift box and certificate.

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Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and Spinel beads

10-11 mm drop Tahiti pearl, cultivated with a natural technique and assembled with faceted round spinels on 925 ‰ silver string and elements.

The jewel is packaged in an elegant box with a gemological certificate and a guarantee.
Design and manufacturing are totally Italian.

Why and for whom

The Tahiti pearls and spinel earrings are a sophisticated, elegant and light jewel to wear every day.
The rosary style belongs to our tradition and over time it has assumed motives of wearing that go beyond the religious one.
Today it is possible to choose among the various alternatives that are inspired by a classic while maintaining sobriety and style.
Tahiti pearls combine perfectly with spinels.
The manufacture of Italian artisans’ expert hands complete a work of research and style.
Tiny, cleverly woven silver rings where spinels and grey drop pearls are placed.

Give or give yourself a pair of earrings with Tahiti pearls and spinels designed to satisfy elegance and style.


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