Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and Spinel beads


Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and spinels, assembled on a 925 ‰ silver hook. Elegance and sober style. Gift box and certificate.

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Rosary earrings with Tahiti pearls and Spinel beads

10-11 mm drop Tahiti pearl, cultivated with a natural technique and assembled with faceted round spinels on 925 ‰ silver string and elements.

The jewel is packaged in an elegant box with a gemological certificate and a guarantee.
Design and manufacturing are totally Italian.

Why and for whom

The Tahiti pearls and spinel earrings are a sophisticated, elegant and light jewel to wear every day.
The rosary style belongs to our tradition and over time it has assumed motives of wearing that go beyond the religious one.
Today it is possible to choose among the various alternatives that are inspired by a classic while maintaining sobriety and style.
Tahiti pearls combine perfectly with spinels.
The manufacture of Italian artisans’ expert hands complete a work of research and style.
Tiny, cleverly woven silver rings where spinels and grey drop pearls are placed.

Give or give yourself a pair of earrings with Tahiti pearls and spinels designed to satisfy elegance and style.

Additional information



Metal carat

925 ‰

Pearl colour



perle coltivate

Pearls type




10-11 mm



Pearl color



Spinel beads

Diamond coloe







Regalo a sorpresa, Social event, parties, Week-end,serate informali, evento casual

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How does it work
Guide to the size of pearls

Buying pearls online may seem difficult especially if you are not familiar with the size of the pearls.
I thought this image could help you identify what you are looking for and, if necessary, make a comparison between the various diameters.

The images are purely representative of the size of the pearls.

Necklaces measure

The Collar, a Victorian look, very refined, has a length of 38 cm and enhances a V-neckline or an elegant dress.

The Choker, of around 40 cm, fits all necklines. It looks like a choker, but it is softer because it is not stretched. It can be worn with an evening dress but also in the everyday life.

A great classic is the Princess, of about 45 cm, it goes with any type of clothing, like a pullover or a décolleté, from the informal dress to the elegant and refined one.

Great elegance for the Matinee length, which has about 55 cm and looks perfect with a long dress or a turtleneck sweater. Perfect for formal occasions.

The seductive Opera, of about 65 cm, consists of a single very long thread. Gorgeous with an evening dress but easy to wear even with casual clothes.

Never out of date, of about 90 cm, we still have the Rope, famous because it is used by Coco Chanel, in all occasions. It is certainly a sexy length and it can also be worn with double or knotted thread. Always use it! Nevertheless, let’s not forget the man who wants to wear a pearl necklace. For him, the recommended length is 43/45 cm, especially if worn on a V-neck shirt.