8 Tridacna Gigas found in the Philipines

8 Tridacna Gigas found in the Philipines_1

The more a thing is rare in nature the more it’s appreciated, and if this thing even possesses miraculous characteristics, like a considerably large dimensions, then a possible finding may become a discovery of highest importance.

Last October two Philipine provinces had seen an incredible discovery, the extraordinary finding of a group of 8 Tridacna Gigas in the costal waters between Palawan and Mindoro provinces, during the Samong fishing, a mussel which commonly grows in those areas.

Once taken from the seabed, these enormous oysters have been brought to a secret place where they have been examined by some specialists: the first two measure respectively 42 inches and 36 inches in diameter, with a 101kg treasure inside, identified as chalky concrection without the mother-of-pearl needed to properly call it a “pearl”, but on the other hand with a consistency more similar to porcelain.

Two of the eight oysters have already been sold to Philipino-Chinese collectors, the 4 largest ones have been opened to see their content and verify its weight while the last two, the smallest ones, are still intact.

Despite the finding of such a big oyster didn’t bring to the discovery of an equal great pearl, there still have been such great discoveries in the past like, for example, the Lao Tze Pearl (or Pearl of Allah) which weights 6.4 kg, a trifle in comparison to the 100 kg of the chalky concrection just discovered, but with a staggering value of 93 milion dollars.

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