85 natural pearls inside one single oyster

85 natural pearls inside one single oyster_1

The nature is itself neverending surprise, constantly changing and being a source of new and extraordinary discoveries for men: the almost prodigious finding of a single oyster containing 85 natural pearl can only stress one more time the wonderful potential on nature itself.

Found 20 years ago by Giampiero Piva in Egypt, off the shores of the Red Sea, this extraordinary oyster, a Pinctada Margaritifera Erythrensis, was protecting a unique treasure inside itself, a group of 85 natural pearls – some mature enough, others still developing – plus several chalky structures on the inside of the shells.

Only one oyster on 10.000 produces a natural pearl, and only a very small part of them possesses the right characteristic and a decent aspect to enter in the market, with the probability of 1 on a milion to find a perfect one.

Despite this is not the first documented case, this is surely the most particular one and has been subjected to studies and controls, obtaining different certificates and testimonials of gemology. Even if the finding didn’t point out any pearls of relevant value (only 5 of discrete dimensions, and one grey baroque), this discovery has confirmed the skill of these oysters to produce more than one pearl at the same time.

I have personally met Giampiero Piva, taking myself photos of the fantastic oyster and some of its pearls – as it can be seen from the same photos on this post – , and the thing that most surprised me wasn’t the oyster ifself but the human side of the possesor, which has proved great sensibility toward the sea and its fructs, like the miraculous oyster he himself found.

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