How to Take Care of Your Jewelry with pearls

Clean the pieces with a flannel or cotton cloth just after having worn them, to remove residues of cosmetics and transpiration. You may also use neutral soap and cold water, but do not soak the pieces. Rinse well and dry them using a soft cloth or soft paper tissue. Do not wash pearl bracelets and […]

Do you have basic knowledge about pearls?

The pearls are very feminine and versatile and they confer a jovial and cheerful air. Maybe for this reason the pearl is one the most popular gems nowadays.   How the pearls are formed All the true pearls marketed by the established jewelers are “cultivated“. It means that the man participates as initiator agent on its […]

Pearls, yesterday and today undisputed protagonists

The return of pearls was announced in the course of the last few years, but never like this year these gems were revalued and also used in the creations of the most famous international designers. The last and suggestive Chanel fashion show for example was a real triumph of pearls! Pearls on dresses, on hems, […]

Selling Cultured Tahitian Pearls

Dark and exotic, cultured Tahitian pearls are the coveted black pearls from the tropical lagoons and atolls of French Polynesia. Introduced to the world during the early 1970s, these darkly shimmering gems rocketed to popularity and have maintained their place amongst the most treasured of pearls ever since. Famous for their natural shades of black […]

Genisi Pearls on TV

Unexpected surprises are the most beautiful!   One can’t conceal one’s delight at the invitation received a few weeks ago from the much-followed program Unomattina broadcast every morning on Italian national TV RAI Uno.   Happiness and pride to have been invited in the capacity of an “expert on pearls“, due also to my presence […]

Cufflinks, timeless elegance

Cufflinks, timeless elegance

Cufflinks, used more than three centuries ago in the United Kingdom as an ornament of luxury, are the male jewelry of excellence. A small valuable accessory of great impact, which makes you special and adds a touch of class to your look .. a real shame not to wear! The etiquette or rule would require […]

Cross between pearls and writing – first part

  Use graphology to help your self to choose the right pearl for you     Graphology, what a fascinating science!   I have always been curious about it, and had unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet someone who spoke to me about it in such a clear and comprehensive way as Dr. Rossana […]

Do you know what is more exclusive than a Tahiti black pearl?

A tattoo carved in a black pearl of Tahiti!   The pearl is already a natural artwork and then for some, these particular products can appear an outrageous affront to elegance and preciousness of pearl, but the creativity of artists for this jewel make it even more refined and charming… Observing it you will notice […]

Cultured Pearl Surface Quality

No two pearls are alike, and one of the factors that makes each different is its surface quality. Virtually no pearl is perfect, and any flawless specimens are treasures.     The majority of pearl buyers will have a degree of surface imperfections on their gemstones. Pearl aficionados know that even the finest pearls will […]

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