Codakia pearls

Codakia pearls

Vacations at the sea usually stand for relax, sunbathing, swimming, making beautiful strolls on the foreshore and, why not, picking up some shells among the sand. And right from these simple shells some beautiful and rare pearls come to life, the Codakia ones.

These pearls are produced by bivalves from the Codakia family (particularly the Tigerina type), which can be easily found in muddy sands or under the gravel during low tides, for this reason it’s really common to find them during strolls on the foreshore ver early in the morning.

This type of molluscs has a typical round and flat form with frontal protection, and its shell is also carved with concentric dark circles on the surface; both of each sides of the bivalve have two hinges and two lateral teeth. Even if this invertebrate doesn’t have any syphons, this mussel uses its long foot to create an efficent passage which, conveniently lined with slime, provides a secure way to intake and expel sea water.

The pearls produced by this mussel are usually of a light pink color, oval or round shaped with a smooth texture and opaline and almost transparent luster thanks to the particular mechanisms of formation inside the mollusc itself.

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