Conch Pearls

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Since always pearls are one of the most appreciated fruits of the sea in all their several types which can create different emotions and atmospheres depending on each of them.

There is also a particular type of pearl called Conch Pearl, which is very appreciated for its color, rarity and the unusual structure that make it as beautiful as difficult to use it for jewel crafting, increasing its value.

But, how are they born?

These “not-pearls” rise from a particular type of seashell, the Strombus Gigas, native of Southern Florida near Caraibi, as chalky grains in the mussel: lacking in mother of pearl – the raw material which characterizes a pearl – it can’t be defined as one, but this doesn’t mean it’s less valuable.

The color, which goes from salmon pink to brown and white, is one the strongest spots of these particular natural gems that can’t be cultivated because of its unknown ways of creation, leaving its discovery at random during the fishing of this seashell, particularli appreciated for its tasty mussel.

Because of their chalky structure and absence of nucleus these gems are really hard to use in jewel crafting, for this reason these types of creations gain even more value for the admirers. Its color is really delicate and sensible and tends to fade with sun rays, so it’s really important to wear them by night.

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