Do you know how to recognise a fake pearl from a natural pearl?

Do you know how to recognise a fake pearl from a natural pearl_1
imitation pearls

The term “imitation pearls” or “fake pearls” indicates pearls produced entirely by man, that is, fabricated artificially, without the use of oysters.

Imitation pearls are made from materials of any composition; they can also be recovered from mother-of-pearl substances of animal origin, but they still remain non-natural, in that they were not generated from molluscs.


Image of a white pearl in a shell on a white background.


So now some advice on understanding the difference between a seemingly perfect artificial pearl and a precious natural pearl or one cultivated by natural methods.


Be careful of some deceptive names that are used for fake pearls, for example, “Majorca or Mallorca pearls”, “Paris pearls” or even “pearls of improved culture.”


Mistrust pearls that are too perfect; they are easily made of glass, ceramics, or plastic, and covered with a varnish or some other material that simulates gloss and iridescence. A pearl that is natural or cultivated with a natural technique, if observed from up close, always has some small imperfections.



The dimensions are also important. In a string of false pearls, the individual ones are all of the same shape and diameter, identical with each other because they were produced in series.


Check the hole in the pearls: they are true if it is precise and without defects.  If the pearls are false, the hole is often ruined by small nicks caused by binding agents present in the product.


Fake pearls do not have any differences in color between one pearl and another, the tone is flat, there are no shadings or gradations.  In real pearls there are nuances, depths, and a harmony of colors.



Real pearls turn out to be colder than fake ones.


A last important piece of advice for identifying the best fakes on the market: Try to rub the pearls on your teeth.  If you notice a slight sandiness, you have made the right choice!






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