Gofun nail polish

Pearls have adorned the neck nobles, kings and queen for many centuries, but their use has never been bound only to jewel craft, but, on the contrary, pearls – and mother or pearl – have been used for centuries in other fields such as in medicine, cosmetics and varnishes.

Gofun nail varnish is a traditional product of Kyoto with a long background history: the company, Ueba Esou, was founded in 1751 and from then on it produces high quality varnishes and paints based on mother of pearl powder (the meaning of Gofun).

Mainly used to paint fine porcelain dolls, theatre masks and temples or sanctuaries ceilings, this particular varnish has become a nail polish suitable for nail care thanks to the natural ingredients used for the production, which make it perfect for everyone’s needs, from pregnant women, elders to children.

The absence of solvents and silicons assures the “odor-free” detail and great breathability beside a very short dry times. Its eco-friendly qualities make it a leftover-free product, becoming for these reasons a perfect Kyoto souvenir or a fantastic present.

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