Do you want to give a gift to the important people in your life for Christmas?




Then what better moment to give an original and unique gift like pearls, symbol of love and purity!

You have become fascinated, but you must keep to your budget?

Not to worry, Genisi Pearls is here with the objective to satisfy any request, for every occasion and situation!

There are some types of cultivated pearls to consider, and each has its own characteristics and unique traits.

The cultivated freshwater pearls come primarily from China, and they usually are anucleated, which makes them very resilient, but are no less delicate than the others.

Until a few years ago freshwater pearls were characterized by irregular shapes and small to medium dimensions. Today the supply is totally different with diameter widths that can reach 13-14 mm and exceptionally spherical.

The pastel colors and a discrete luster are the elements that best characterize them, in addition to a highly competitive price compared to other pearls in the market.

This is because China, a leader in the cultivation of freshwater pearls, succeeds in producing quantities of superior quality of market demand, mostly due to a more competitive manufacturing cost and the productivity and resilience of the oyster.

Their diameter varies from 2 mm to 11 mm.

The price of a piece of freshwater pearl jewelry is around € 39.00.


This selection of Genisi Pearls offers the Jazz Collection, inspired by the traditional African music, composed of baroque pearls cultivated with natural technique and with natural crystals such as the amethyst that brings and lucidity, the emerald that carries optimism, and the citrine that stimulates mental activity.




In the Soul Collection the emotional melodies of soul are expressed in the soft shapes of the collection with oval pearls cultivated with natural technique, plated in silver, gold, or rose gold.




The Blues Collection, which is inspired by the repetitive structure typical of the musical genre, is composed of round pearls cultivated with natural techniques in white, gray and silver.




The Reggae Collection, inspired by the natural movement of reggae music, is composed of keshi and baroque pearls cultivated with natural techniques.




The Rock Collection, unisex, transgressive, fascinating and with lots of personality, is composed of naturally cultivated round, semi-round, button, oval and baroque pearls in the colors white, black, lavender, peach and gray, plated in gold, silver, or rose gold. It has details in hard leather, rubber and soft leather with filaments woven in steel.




The Hip Hop Collection, onomatopoeically perfect for a pair of twins, is composed of naturally cultivated round pearls, in the colors gray, black and white with ruthenium, gold and rose gold plating.




If instead you want to surprise your loved one, Genisi Pearls offers the most desired jewelry and unique Japanese Ayoka pearls, Tahitian or South Pacific pearls that you can find on in the Classical Style Collection.


In the hope that you find your “perfect” gift Genisi Pearls wishes you Happy Holidays!





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