New record sale at Christie’s

New record sale at Christie's

Christie’s auction house is famous all over the world for its antiques sold through its auctions and, for what concerns the quality and beauty of the offered jewels, it’s second to no one; last june Christie’s has reached a new record peak about the sell of a grey natural pearls necklace with the Cowdray one.

Among the 15 milion dollars reached on the 13th of June with the offered auctions, one thing stood out of rest for beauty, prestige and record price obtained from the sale: the Cowdray pearl necklace, made of 38 rare natural grey pearls, graduated and disposed on a single strand, was evaluated between 280.000 and 350.000 pounds, but the auction took the price a lot higher, reaching 3.35 milion dollars and raising its value by 381%.

This rarely beautiful necklace, once part of the personal collection of the latest Viscountes Cowdray, Lady Pearson (1860-1932), is a clear statement of her innefable taste and great knowledge that she had about such magnificent pieces of jewellery; “the sale presented a strong array of natural pearl jewels, led by the exceptional Cowdray Pearl necklace which set a world record price for natural grey pearls at auction”, said Keith Penton, head of London jewelry department.

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