Pearls, like all the natural and precious gems, need particular care, to be given through the time in order to preserve their beauty as long as possible.

Pearls are soft and tend to absorb skin’s oils and acids of the wearer, blowing out all the luster and slowly changing their form until they gain an oval-shaped form; this process can slow down if the wearer cleans his pearls every time he wears them, then putting them into their box.

Perfumes, vinegar, lemon juice and heat can seriously damage the pearl, dulling its luster and causing cracks in the nacre, most of all if the pearl is kept in dry places (like most of deposit vaults which usually guard jewellery).

Because of their delicate nature, the wearer must be particularly careful during the cleanliness of pearls, focusing on these simple tips to preserve as long as possible their beauty:

– use only specific cleaners for pearls, controlling that they doesn’t have ammonia, which ruins the pearl, and leaving aside dish cleaners, powdered cleaners and bleaches;
– never use ultrasonic cleaners or steam-processes to clean them;
– it’s not advisable to wear pearls with rough materials, like the Shetland wool;
– if worn often, pearls have to be restrung once a year with silk ropes knot between every pearl to avoid rubbing against eachother, which would ruin the surface;
– rough materials, like abrasive sponges or toothbrushes, are not recommended because they would scratch the precious layer of nacre;
– don’t wear them when they are still wet but, on the contrary, lay them flat in a damp towel and let them dry into it.

The dedicated boxes are more usefull than they seem, because they are expressly made to protect pearls from dust and sun rays, which would dehydrate them causing cracks. Beside this, boxes keep them carefully divided from the other gems, protecting them from bumps or rubbing.

But, even if it’s a delicate gem, a person should not be worried to wear them only because of fear of ruining it: it would be as if having a beautiful sweater and keep it in the wardrobe to preserve it from dirt, instead of wearing it with pride, always being concious that it’s a precious thing.

So, every time you’ll open the box, your rope of pearls will wink at you with its beauty, bringing back pleasant memories, ready to be worn.

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