Pearls of wisdom!


Pearls, the undisputed darling of the depths of the sea, have hit and seduced people of every era and age with their timeless appeal, inspiring some unusual comments and great interiority just because enchanted by their rarity and beauty.


So here, for your pleasure, some original, creative and unique “pearls of wisdom”


Coco Chanel

“A woman needs strings and strings of pearls.”




Federico Fellini

“All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”




Sarah Churchill

“I feel naked if I do not wear my pearls; they are my security blanket.”




Elizabeth Taylor

“I had just received from New York La Peregrina on a delicate chain and I felt being touched by a talisman.”




Ki Hackney

“You can never go wrong with pearls. Perhaps the pearls are a girl’s best friend, after all.”





Genevieve Antoine Dariaux – author of Guide to the elegance

“It’s not just a jewel … suitable for any occasion it is essential in every woman’s wardrobe … experience pearls, true or false, by wearing them from our first meeting to our last breath!”




Jean de la Bruyere

“The most precious things in the world, after the spirit of ‘discernemento’, are diamonds and pearls!”




Grace Kelly

“I love the pearls both on the screen and in my private life.”




Chinese proverb

“The pearls are not found on the short of the sea, if you want them you have to dive to go get them.”




Jackie Kennedy

“Pearls are always appropriate” We can only agree with this last quote, pearls are always appropriate!





With their romantic and ancient charm pearls have illuminated over the centuries the look of the most beautiful women on the planet, from Cleopatra to Liz Taylor, from Grace Kelly to Princess Diana, making them even more magnificent and elegant.

No need to be a celebrity or a queen, every woman deserves to wear the pearls and feel unique!




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