Red Sea pearls

Red Sea pearls_1

Pearls’ cultivation has solved the big rarity problem of these natural treasures, making them easily obtainable. But there are still some oyster beds which produce pearls without the hand of the man, places like Persic Gulf, Sri Lanka and Red Sea.

The mussel, which produces these rare beauties, is the Pinctada Margaritifera Erythrensis, nowaday present in the Manaar Gulf, Persic Gulf and Red Sea. Despite the fact that these pearls in commerce are mostly ancient, these oysters still produce such perfect pearls to take breath away.

In these unpolluted places the rarest and most beautiful pearls in the world are produced, with very high quotations in the market despite the fact that it’s really difficult to set fixed parameters to value weight and size.

The color is white with different undertones that can change from cream white, rosy white, dark white to silver white, with a chemical composition of CaCo+ conchioline.

Once again nature surprises us, surviving to the man’s hand and bequeathing to us a beautiful treasure born right from its heart.

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