The Merman’s teardrop pearl

The Merman's teardrop pearl

Since always the sea gives inspiration for legends of marine populations, mysterious and charmer, with the habit of adorn themselves with precious pearls found on the ocean floor: the Merman’s teardrop pearl owns its name to these mystic and supernatural legends, almost giving these very same characteristics to the same pearl’s creation and finding.

This magnificent teardrop shaped pearl comes from a Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster (also known as Pteria Sterna), a pearl oyster of medium dimensions which, even not being able to produce big gems, can still give rare and beautiful pearls like this one.

Weighting 15 carati (3 grams) this magnificent baroque teardrop shaped pearl presents a silvery grey color with pink, green and blue shades, typical of the pearls produced by this speciimen; under UV rays analysis this gem confirms once again its quality, giving the traditional dark red glow of the gems produced by the Pteria Sterna.

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