The Venus massage

The Venus massage

Keeping its own beauty on check it’s an issue that worries human beings since ancient times, pushing their vanity to find new – and strange – ways to cure it as best as a person can and obtain as many benefits as possible.

The Venus massage has very ancient origins and takes inspiration from the name of the Goddess herself, born from the sea and carried on land on a big seashell: pearls and seashells are the two principal elements which are use in this relaxing and draining massage.

Pearls, beside seashels, are the main protagonists in this paradisiac massage, used through an impalpable powder mixed with milk powder which is later spread and manipulated on the whole body.

Like the Goddess from which takes its name, this massage is made up of sea-born elements which are able to provide a complete and reinvigorating treatment, thanks to the proteic complex contained in the pearls, which can aid the elastin and collagen production and stimulate the cellular metabolism.

In short, a panacea for the skin which can now benefit from the calcium and low mineral contents which fatten up the skin’s consistency, smoothing it down and nurishing its layers to the deepest ones.

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