This is how a pair of pearl earrings is made!

This is how a pair of pearl earrings is made!_1

You will have stopped to window shop in jewellery stores, admiring a beautiful pair of pearl earrings…but did you ever ask yourself what work went into this little masterpiece, no matter how simple?




Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s a long process.

Everything begins with a big bag full of pearls, arranged by color, size, shape and surface appearance.

The bag you see in picture n. 1  is small, but often to find the “perfect pearl” one must search in containers four times as large!




Genisi Pearls always chooses the best pearls, then divides them into several trays and begins the search for the roundest and most splendid one, the one that stands out among the many, as you can see in picture n. 2.




Sometimes we feel like a Cinderella’s team, separating the good grain from the bad!


From the first selection the sifting begins, to obtain the most precious, sought-after and unique pearls, so that the process of pairing the earrings can finally begin.

picture n. 3.




Genisi Pearls carefully studies the sizes, the shapes and the sheen and each pearl must satisfy the quality requirements that they expect, and the appraisal must be excellent.

We evaluate the gems that reflect the light in a similar way, but it is not an easy task! Each pearl is unique, different from one another, just like snowflakes…

To help you understand, white pearls, for example, can have pink, silver, greenish, blue, ivory o multicoloured hues. picture n. 4.




This is why only a small part of each bag of pearls ends up in Genisi Pearls’ earring collection.

From this particular bag full of hundreds of pearls only a few dozen of pairs are selected and remained only the pearls considered worthy to be worn. picture n. 5





Not every company work this way, many avail themselves of wholesalers who buy large quantities at a time, without a particular selection, and the yield is not the best.

This is a valid reason to select reputable professionals, who are aware of the quality and not just volume and quantity.

But let’s go back to the earrings.

The following picture shows the drilling of a pearl: it’s an extremely delicate process which requires skill, concentration and experience, and particular attention must be paid to avoid damaging the pearl’s surface. picture n. 6




Once the pearls are pierced, as in picture n. 7, they are ready to be joined together, worn and admired!




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